Delivery Available!

New Chevy 4/5 Yard Dump Truck
2019 we added to our fleet
Our new short turn 4/5 yard dump truck to serve our customers better.
Trucks Fleet

If possible we would request that customers are present during delivery of materials.

However, under certain circumstances we understand that it is not always possible. If you will not be home during delivery, please be very detailed and specific when placing order with office staff about your desired dumping location. Such things as shovels, cones or chalk outlines around your dumping location can help the drivers determine the correct dumping spot.

Clyde Mulch & Stone will do our best to satisfy your product placement requests, and generally under normal circumstances we encounter very few problems dumping smaller trucks exactly where you need them to be.

Ohio Counties For Delivery

We Deliver to the following counties.


However, because of the size, weight and quantities delivered on all of our delivery trucks we need to be cautious of such things as buried utilities, overhead lines, fresh or new concrete and asphalt, sprinkler systems, septic tanks/fingers and weather conditions such as water logged lawns. Even in the driest of conditions, loaded delivery trucks have a tendency to make tire indentations in your lawn, this can be compounded further by wet weather. If it is desired that trucks go off of a paved or hardened area, customers and our experienced drivers can make a mutual determination if it will be safe and feasible to dump in desired location. Please have a secondary dumping location in mind if it is determined that safety or damage could be compromised or occur in and around your primary dump site. Also, children and pets should be kept indoors during delivery to minimize any driver distractions.